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OUTSIDER FICTION BY  RAKESH SAHA Chapter 6:- “ H ave anyone informed the police?” A strong and firm voice came down through the stairs and started preliminary diagnosis of the injured patient lying on the stretcher, with his stethoscope. Dr.Amitabha Biswas, one of the top neurosurgeons in India, aged thirty five, wearing the as usual doctor uniform, rimless spectacles on his eyes was not only checking the senseless person but also had a quick look on the nearby persons. “I know Mr.Sushant the SP” Naresh remarked in the middle of checking. “Hmm. Its better you call him now. We are running out of time. He needs to be operated right now.” Dr.Amitabha said clearly to all of them. With immediate effect Mr.Naresh bring out his cell and called the required person at that moment. He can hear the phone was ringing. “Hello. SP Sushant Ranjan speaking.” “Sir. I am Naresh from Vishrantwadi. I hope you can remember me.” “ Yes yes. Te

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OUTSIDER FICTION BY  RAKESH SAHA INSPIRED BY MUM From the author ….This is the first time I am using my fingers for this purpose. I am neither an in born writer nor I have any intention to make it as my profession. This small note is the dedication to that person for whom I am able to find this side of my nature. I don’t want to reveal the name of the person because I know the great soul can understand what I have in my mind. “Tumi ja diecho more ta firaye nio na...tomar rine rini amar mon, amar lekhoni, amar prerona...amar ei chhoa tomar daan er proticchobi matro” That person really has the talent to move me around…this is just for her and only her…


OUTSIDER FICTION BY  RAKESH SAHA Chapter 4 “ O h my god !!” “When did this happened ?” “Where is the truck driver ?” “Who is this guy ?” “It doesn’t seem that he will survive.” Discontinuous chattering and the continuous glow of the headlight of the truck attract Naina and her mother towards the spot. Like all the other neighbors of the colony Naina was also shocked to see the ‘bloody’ mishap. For some moment she was paused. She was puzzled. She was firmly looking at the half dead person lying in front of her. Some grieve moments were capturing her mind boldly, aroused her past wounds terribly.  One another helpless doleful face were groping for help in her memory and incessantly begging “Please save me my child”  “Naina…Naina…What happened? Are you alright?” A sudden voice of Bibha shaked up the innocent girl and brought her back to the real world. “I have to save him” Naina whispered in a low voice. “What ?” Her mother shouted fir


OUTSIDER FICTION BY  RAKESH SAHA Chapter 3:- L osing the grip, unable to hold the momentum, Vishal, in an alarmed state, was running through the desolate road, nowhere to go. His soul was trying to be free from all the shackles of memory where the glimpses of his only love and life was howling.  That poignant injustice of life always had an endeavor to swallow his mind. He was somewhere in the hollow dark space from where he could not even imagined to illuminate a lenient moment. He was the only one who can understand his lament but failed to convince with the reality. His alarmed state had taken him in such a hollow space where he had lost the ability to listen the intense horn of the truck behind him. The driver suddenly pushed the brake but it was too late. The vehicle lost all its control to avoid the sudden collision. From the middle of the road the wretched fellow was thrown into the corner of the pavement. Blood spilled out from