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OUTSIDER FICTION BY  RAKESH SAHA Chapter 6:- “ H ave anyone informed the police?” A strong and firm voice came down through the stairs and started preliminary diagnosis of the injured patient lying on the stretcher, with his stethoscope. Dr.Amitabha Biswas, one of the top neurosurgeons in India, aged thirty five, wearing the as usual doctor uniform, rimless spectacles on his eyes was not only checking the senseless person but also had a quick look on the nearby persons. “I know Mr.Sushant the SP” Naresh remarked in the middle of checking. “Hmm. Its better you call him now. We are running out of time. He needs to be operated right now.” Dr.Amitabha said clearly to all of them. With immediate effect Mr.Naresh bring out his cell and called the required person at that moment. He can hear the phone was ringing. “Hello. SP Sushant Ranjan speaking.” “Sir. I am Naresh from Vishrantwadi. I hope you can remember me.” “ Yes yes. Te





Chapter 2:-

22.07.2013, 10:00 PM

“Why are you shouting at me like this way amma?” Naina replied.

“Why do you need to go in these kinds of late night parties? What is the point of enjoying life in this uncultured manner? Just look at your dress. Huh!! Is this the..”

“Oh come on amma, please don’t start again. It’s fashion. Don’t you get it? People do not wear sarees in the parties. I like these dresses. Everybody likes these. Please do not interfere in my dressing sense or any personal matters. I am an adult now. You are old fashioned but….”


Naina’s left cheek turned red and her eyes were wet. She paused for a moment, looking her mother’s furious panting face and then ran into her room.

“Do not ever dare to talk to me like that or show me your nonsense audacity.”


The door of Naina’s messed up room was shut with a sudden thrust.

“Enough is enough. I should have controlled this little freak much before” Her mother whispered in her mind and sobbing alone in the hall.

Naina was silently sitting on her bed, gazing nowhere in the room probably questioning herself for having a messed up life. Her room was also messed up with her useful and wasted things here and there. The plate filled with half eaten biscuits was still there since yesterday morning. Her notebooks, ipod, tablet all were somewhere in her bed. Only one single photo frame was kept in her study table with proper decoration, photo of her father.

The childish adult girl slowly stood up and move towards her father’s only sign. She was staring at her father’s smiling face. She took the picture in her hand and touching her father’s face with her little thin fingers.

“Why did you leave me? You were my best friend, my world. Had I done any mistake to have such a disastrous life today? Please answer me. I need you. Please come back to me. Save me” the 22 year old spoiled child felt the cruel momentum of life again after so long.

Bibha lost Paritosh, who was a senior manager in UCO Bank, in a car accident when Naina was only 12 years old. At that time, Arjun, little brother of Naina was only 8 years old. After daddy, Arjun was the only one with whom she can spend her time in an endless manner by sharing every tiny detail of the day.

Bibha got the job of a clerk in the same branch after the mishap of their lives. Though she was earning for her small family but those two little kids were growing up with the darkness created by the loss of their bestie. Every single night both of them hold each other in their arms tightly as it seemed to them that some giant of hell will snatch them away from the room.

The 40 year old widow was tired enough to grew up two kids together in a proper manner. Especially she was facing trouble with Arjun, losing her patience. She decided to keep her little kid in boarding school for his better study. 12 years old Naina soon become some experienced old woman but still was helpless to win over her darkness, the unavoidable vacuum in her life. 

The emptiness took a giant shape when her mother gave in to her helplessness.

May be God or that unseen creator or the player called nature was also lost his capacity to revive the charm of this isolated family. Though there were three, everyone became on their own. Even if they want to stand beside each other, their hesitation creates an unwanted distance which was totally ignored by them. 

They lost the same person together still they were crying alone, without noticing each other…