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OUTSIDER FICTION BY  RAKESH SAHA Chapter 6:- “ H ave anyone informed the police?” A strong and firm voice came down through the stairs and started preliminary diagnosis of the injured patient lying on the stretcher, with his stethoscope. Dr.Amitabha Biswas, one of the top neurosurgeons in India, aged thirty five, wearing the as usual doctor uniform, rimless spectacles on his eyes was not only checking the senseless person but also had a quick look on the nearby persons. “I know Mr.Sushant the SP” Naresh remarked in the middle of checking. “Hmm. Its better you call him now. We are running out of time. He needs to be operated right now.” Dr.Amitabha said clearly to all of them. With immediate effect Mr.Naresh bring out his cell and called the required person at that moment. He can hear the phone was ringing. “Hello. SP Sushant Ranjan speaking.” “Sir. I am Naresh from Vishrantwadi. I hope you can remember me.” “ Yes yes. Te





Chapter 1:-

July 22, 2013, 11.30 PM
……After a long hectic schedule of software expo presentation and analysis, Vishal returned to his residence. His place was well furnished. There were lots of furniture, trendy dining set, 42” wall mounted LCD television, etc. in a word everything was there for him. 

It’s general for him to get back to home in the late nights or midnights. He really didn’t care about the time or which day it is. Time just became an excuse for him to survive. All he knew was just work and only work.

After finishing dinner with two chapattis and dal makhni, made by his 60 years old maid, he put his head on the cushion, laying on the sofa and turning on the CNBC channel. It was 12.45 AM. Though his body was tired but his eyes were not ready to be calm and quiet. He was constantly changing the TV channels.

He rose up and decided to take a shower. He went to the bathroom and turned the shower on. Slowly the water touched his head in a mild way and flows over his face. It was a real relieved feeling for him. After a few moments he was still, found his eyes were wet not due to the waterfall but because of tear.

…Something was trying to tie him up and make him frozen forever.

This thing was not any surprise to him. Approximately every night he was going through like this. He did not even remember the hours he slept with a smile peaceful face. He just forgot how to smile, rather say how to dwell properly in the last two years. 

In the down memory lane he was still trying to find Malini. Somehow he was also confused in the midst of past time happy saddy moments which were shackling his daily life.

Vishal came out of the bathroom, with the towel, cleaning the water drops from his uneven hair.   Moving forward to the couch suddenly he was stopped by smelling a sweet jasmine flavor in the air. His eyes were closed; he was mesmerized by the heavenly breeze. He figured out that a girly voice from the couch was saying ..

“You stupid cute monkey, you are still not able to clean your hair properly and still acting like a kid at the age of 27”. 

Vishal was smiling.

Smelling the fragrance in the mild air, he was moving forward to the couch, he could see the long hairs flying here and there with his hypnotized mind. He whispered with a lot of hope in his voice 


The girl was slowly turning to his face while he was getting closer to her to touch her, hold her once again. Vishal was feeling his rebirth.

As he was just an inch distance from her, Vishal raised his hand to feel her soft little lips. All of a sudden the beautiful glimpse was disappeared like a mirage. 

Vishal was just standing like a still. No expressions were reflecting from his frozen mind. He was there gazing for a moment and slowly realizing the deep hearted wish of his broken heart. He sat on the ground shattered, ruptured in misery, shouting and crying like a mad maniac. 

He felt every surroundings near to him were laughing at him with the tip top beats of his wall clock. 

The vagabond in the lifeless desert was surrendering to the irony of nature, figuring out the fact all the blissful moments were like water bubbles in the waves of sea. His whole heart and soul are now ruled by the fact Malini is not present in his life, she will not come back to change the present moment.
He was again and again touching the soft couch to find out those pappy fingers but could only sense the grained couch cover sheet which was fabricated with puppy designs by her.

He was unable to control himself. He was suffocating in that big hall. The mild sound of television seemed to him like a roar of demon. The puppet of time pulled out the door crying, lamenting and sobbing, leaving the sweet cute memory filled home turned into melancholy hell like cage behind him. 

The indicators at the wall clock were stuck at 3:00 AM. Though the time was running but the entire environment was suffocating for someone. The door was open. Only the tick tock of the wall clock and the sound of a bollywood song in the television were ruling over the void space….