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OUTSIDER FICTION BY  RAKESH SAHA Chapter 6:- “ H ave anyone informed the police?” A strong and firm voice came down through the stairs and started preliminary diagnosis of the injured patient lying on the stretcher, with his stethoscope. Dr.Amitabha Biswas, one of the top neurosurgeons in India, aged thirty five, wearing the as usual doctor uniform, rimless spectacles on his eyes was not only checking the senseless person but also had a quick look on the nearby persons. “I know Mr.Sushant the SP” Naresh remarked in the middle of checking. “Hmm. Its better you call him now. We are running out of time. He needs to be operated right now.” Dr.Amitabha said clearly to all of them. With immediate effect Mr.Naresh bring out his cell and called the required person at that moment. He can hear the phone was ringing. “Hello. SP Sushant Ranjan speaking.” “Sir. I am Naresh from Vishrantwadi. I hope you can remember me.” “ Yes yes. Te





Chapter 5:-

We need to drive faster Naina.” Naresh uncle said pantingly.

Keeping the hope alive is heroic but to make it worth is really tough if the luck and circumstances are not friendly. Flashes of anger were rousing against that unnatural power, all over the aghast face of little fighter. She was driving lunatically through the solitary road.

After fifteen minutes of tenacious fight with fortune, from a distance, those three poor fellows were experiencing the glance of a lightning board written emergency on it. The car was moved and parked drastically in front of the door of J M Memorial hospital emergency section.

Stepping out of the car promptly,Naina rushed through the hospital door and seeking for a doctor here and there. Her search was end up with a receptionist and two ward boys who were almost drowsy on their seats.

“Maam!! Maam!!” Naina shouted at the receptionist.

The lady in front of Naina woke up impulsively and saw a frightened girl was panting and taking deep breaths within no time.

“What happened?”

“Maam, I need a doctor immediately. There is a severely injured person in my car. Please call a doctor.”

“Okay okay. Please calm down. I am calling for the doctor. But first take the person out of the car.”  “ Hari, Birju. Why are you guys are sleeping? Can’t you see this girl seeking help?”

Drowsiness turned into quick action by the sudden knock.

“Get a stretcher and bring the patient inside.”

Not only she was instructing but also she dialed a number in a quick manner.

“Sir, this is Romi from emergency department. There is any emergency here. Kindly come quickly.”
“I will be right there” a strong voice replied from the other side.

Both the receivers were kept on the cradle.

“I have called Dr.Amitabha. He will be right here within a few minutes. Don’t worry. Meanwhile I am giving you the papers you need to fill up.”

Naina was attracted to the rolling sound of the quick movement of the stretcher. She could see the doors of the hospital and the car was being opened at the same time. She followed those ward boys as some impulse from inside was not permitting her to stand far away from the unknown and unseen life.

The stretcher was stopped in front of the car. Vishal was moved to the stretcher slowly. Mr.Naresh went along with the stretcher.

Naina was still afraid of losing something. Bibha could see her daughter. She could understand that one little incident moved her baby around. Naina was helping, thinking about the others, and being caring. The old mother would not even have any idea how to cope up with this sudden change of life. 

Time was 5.00 AM. Everyone could listen to raucous call of the crows.

“Have patience beta. Don’t lose hope”.

Naina was still for a moment to hear BETA. Something was trying to burst out from her inside at the same moment. Tears fell from her eyes. Bibha could see the water drops falling on the ground. She held her shoulder and turned her little baby towards her. Naina hugged her mother tightly and outburst.

“I am sorry amma for what I did. I insulted you so many times. Please...”

“Be calm. Everything will be fine.” Her mother held her in arms.

Both of them held each other for a moment. 

An outsider let them introduce their closest person once again. Eyes were wet together….they was together…


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